After the short adventure thrill we had at the Lasang Secret Adventure Park, we went to visit the adjacent protected area of the Initao-Libertad Protected Landscape and Seascape. the whole national park covers a total area of 1,300.78 hectares of land and seascape. the land area covers 50.58 hectares of protected forest, and an adjacent 1,250.28 hectares of  protected waters.

The national park is called “lasang” that means forest is traversed by 2-lane national highway that connects Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City.

The national park is open for family and friends with some cottages, picnic tables, and gazebos in the area  for some outdoor time spending. The area, however, does have obvious traces of human presence. I just hope that the national park will be strict in the allowing of food or drinks within the vicinity and have it’s proper disposal of waste. The environment is well preserved and protected but some visitors just don’t are not as nuts as some in
What my fond memories from this protected area was the biology sampling we did. We also explored the caves, and the pathways along the forest. Native pigeons, and doves, serpent eagles, megapodes, and other different species of birds are seen here, making this place ideal for bird watching. Along with birds are also different species of bats 
There’s this little path off the road that leads to the seaside framed in large boulders of rocks. The sea waves were partially calm when we got there. This was a really nice spot. We had bits of moments all to ourselves here. And because I came too close to the water, the waves hit hard on me, and got me wet a bit. 
Alex says, the sea is playful, and that they usually call out to people to try the waters that way. I never thought of it that way, or maybe because I always gave in and played with them every time.
+ You can bring family and friends here for some picnic.
+ Respect the area and help in preserving the environment by NOT leaving trash around. Tend after yourself.

“There’s this saying: in an all-blue world, colour doesn’t exist… 
If something seems strange, you question it; 
but if the outside world is too distant to use 
as a comparison then nothing seems strange.” 
― Alex Garland, The Beach