Laguindingan International Airport is the airport name when you’re flight is bound for Cagayan De Oro or airport code: CGY. Contrary to what most people believe, is not located at Cagayan de Oro City but in the Municipality of Languindingan. It is 30 mins away from the Cagayan De Oro & 1H 15mins from Iligan City. It isthe entry and exit for air travel for Northern Mindanao Philippines. Here is a detailed guide on how to get to, and from Laguindigan International Airport and several details you will need while waiting for your flight.



The airport is not open 24H and the first available flight out is a few minutes before 6:00 AM. If you’re leaving from either CDO or Iligan City, any first trip at 4:00 AM of any shuttle/bus will get you in time for check-in. The second trip, I can not assure you will get to the airport on time for your flight. Check-in counters do not close early with this limited availability of commute to the airport.

CAGAYAN DE ORO  –  AIRPORT & vice versa

Magnum Express | 199PhP/Pax  Rate
0917 7712255
Email: [email protected]
Schedules:   3:30 AM – 8:00PM (CDO – LIA) ; one hour interval
Location:     Magnun Express Terminal, Main Entrance Lim Ket Kai Mall, CDO | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
City Drop-off Points from LIA: Kauswagan (Savemore); Lim Ket Kai Mall (Magnum Terminal); Centrio Ayala Mall; Agora bus Terminal

Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions. Balikbayan boxes, or packages large enough to occupy one seat is allowed, and is charged with rate equivalent to one person or what is appropriate.

Laguindingan Airport Express | LAX 199PhP/Pax  Rate
0917 710 1529
Location: Centrio Mall, CDO | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
Drop-Off Points: Centrio Mall, CDO

Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions.

ILIGAN CITY – AIRPORT & vice versa

CDOTransco | 130PhP/Pax
( Commuters Drivers & Operators Transport Cooperative)
0942.447.555 | 0923694.6442 | 0942.280.0004 | 0943.620.0417 | 0943.628.2572
Schedules:   3:00AM (First Trip) Iligan City- LIA
Location:     Petron Tibanga near H30 | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
As of the recent revision, I am not sure if this shuttle/van transport that ferries passengers directly from Iligan City to Laguindigan Airport and vice versa is still operating.
Baggage Allowance: Passenger is allowed to bring only one carry-on, and one luggage with no weight restrictions, packages, or balikbayan boxes may be charged depending on size.
Super 5 Airport Shuttle & Transport | 115Php Bus Fare + 50PhP/Pax for Airport Shuttle
Schedules:   4:00 AM  First Trip Iligan – LIA
Location:    Buses at Iligan City Northbound Bus Terminal or Bulua Bus Terminal | Booth at LIA’s Arrival Terminal
Baggage Allowance: No specifics.

Note: All Super 5 Bus Passengers from Iligan City, and CDO are prioritized of the Airport Shuttle. Just inform the bus conductor that you’re bound for Laguindingan International Airport. The bus will drop passengers off at the Super 5 LIA shuttle terminal, and their airport shuttle awaits the passengers, and drives them to the airport vicinity.

Rural Transit Bus | 115Php Bus Fare + Taxi Fare at Taxi Bay at the highway
Schedules:   4:00 AM
Location:    Buses at Iligan City Northbound Bus Terminal or Bulua Bus Terminal
Baggage Allowance: No specifics.
Note: The bus will drop passengers off at the taxi bay at the highway. It is near LIA, and taxi awaits the passengers, and drives them to the airport vicinity. As of this writing, I do not know how much the taxi from this taxi bay to LIA costs.
Location: Further outside the LIA’s Arrival Terminal (one has to walk a bit out of the parking area)
Note: I can not say for sure how much a taxi would charge for a CDO-LIA or vice versa, or an Iligan – LIA or vice versa transport. Flag down rate is still at 40PhP, and then the rate would depend on the distance covered by the vehicle. Other taxi drivers charge passengers per agreed price. You can also ask if they can directly take you to CDO, or Iligan City for an agreed price. For Iligan City bound passengers, rate can start at 1,500-2,000PhP.




Check-in counters at this domestic airport is limited to 3-4 counters open per airline. It opens 2H before your scheduled flight. And for the early flights, it opens as soon as the airport is open at 5:00 AM. There are airline check-in kiosks, if you do not have check-in luggage and would rather check yourself in or print your boarding pass. 

If you are in a connecting flight with the same airline your flying, you can ask to be checked-in to your next flight. You can also request an assistance tag/sticker so that airline ground crew/staff can easily assist you to your connecting flight.

 You need to pay Travel Tax of 200PHP prior to the Scanning Area right before you enter the Boarding Gates, if it is not already included on the ticket you purchase. The Scanning Area will request you to remove your shoes & remove your gadgets (laptops, pads, etc) from your bags, and any metal and electronic devices from your body. Inform the security staff if you have medical device in your body and present documents of proof from your doctor.



You will find free internet connection available in the airport. This is a free service from local internet service providers in the Philippines: Globe & Smart. It will only allow you 1-2H of free internet connection and automatically kicks you off the network when the time is done. This connection is not secured, so it won’t be best to do bank transactions or logins with sensitive information on this connection. You can purchase prepaid SIM & load cards in the kiosk if you prefer connecting with your own data connection.

There are free device charging stations around the hall if your devices run out of battery. You need to be attentive to your own gadget if you leave it there for charging.



There is a breastfeeding area for breastfeeding mothers. You can bring your child in when you need to feed him/her with privacy of a small room. This breastfeeding area however is not open late in the night. If your flight runs late or delayed, you might have to feed your baby in public areas. Just find a corner if you prefer to feed in private.



Most public area in the airport are non-smoking areas. There are closed spaces where smokers can go and have a smoke. You will find this at the end in the Boarding Gates hall. This area however is not open early or late in the night. If your flight runs late or delayed, you do not have any other place to light a cigarette up.



Laguindingan International Airport is pretty small in size. There are about a handful of restaurants, coffeeshops and food stalls inside the boarding area.  You can buy some light snacks and drinks while waiting for your flight. There are water fountains that you can refill your water bottle.



There’s an area at one side of the Boarding Gates hall where you can buy travel gift items for family & friends back home. Most of the items here are locally source native bags, textile, muticoloured “Malong” or Muslim tube skirt, and food.