The kids by the poolside of this huge Balete Tree at Lazi, Siquijor greeted us with examining eyes. We were touring around Siquijor Island, and I asked if we could visited the Enchanted Balete Tree that was said to be 400 years old. Good thing that we still have not passed by it during our island “round”. But it’s not bad to check one out in broad daylight with friends.


I’m not very fond of Balete trees. Thanks to local horror films, and friends who knew better to scare me with stories they heard from their parents provinces. The closest I got scared while visiting my mom’s province was when my kuya said that a Kapre sits on a tree and watches young kids going out of the house at night. Oh! My grandparents house is along the coastline, and sits fronting the beach. So a 9 year old did not know any better that those creatures are too huge too sit on coconut trees! Older brothers rejoices on scaring younger siblings like that.
Lazi’s 400 year old balete tree is huge! And it’s branches set it’s foliage to a wide canopy that covers the pool in it’s bottom. Lazi’s 400 year old balete tree is huge! And it’s branches set it’s foliage to a wide canopy that covers the pool in it’s bottom where fish delights on submerged feet as they eat off the dead skin off it. With it’s large canopy, it blocks the sun, and creates a cool spot to rest from your long trip around the island.
There is a pool area that one can take a dip in. The water is surprisingly clean with fish swimming in it. With the “rounds” that you’ll be doing around the island, a stop here is an instant refreshing break from touring around Siquijor Island. You can dip your tired feet and you’ll get is an instant foot spa if you like.

The 400 year old Enchanted Balete of Lazi, Siquijor is tended by the local community in the area. A small, but very visible box for donations is firmly attached to one side of the pool. This is how the locals earn a living, and manage the area for it’s visitors.
+ Ask your local guide for a stop-over at the 400 year old Enchanted Balete at Lazi, Siquijor. Some would take you there but not everyone has this on their itinerary. Make sure to ask anyways.
+ For those renting motorcycles, you can stop over when you pass throough Lazi, Siquijor. The Enchanted Balete is by the roadside. It is covered in bushes so you might not be visible when you drive by, so better stop to ask the locals around.
+ The pool by the Enchanted Balete is fresh water, and is clean for a quick dip, and  swim. You can rest your tired feet, and hang out for a bit and a break from the suns’ heat.
+ There’s a log-in box, and it would nice of you to drop a donation at the donation box.
+ Please take, and leave nothing from the Enchanted Balete. Tend after yourselves, and carry trash, and dispose them properly.