The Dahilayan Adventure Park is known for having the longest dual zipline in Asia (to date). The park is strategically located at a slopes of the Mt. Katinglad with a deep ravines at it’s side ideally paving a direction for the ziplines. 
Dahilayan, when we went there, was gloomy with a little threat of rain pour. By the time we’ve gone around the Forest Park and gotten ourselves ready for the ziplines, it was looking pretty badly. And it gave a sour taste on my mouth. I’ve been to few zipline services that declined a ride when its raining. I was not happy with the fluffy grey clouds.

It was good that good news was given to us, we could — conquer Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline raining!
It was a quick fitting of the harnesses for us. And as soon as we were ready for the first cable line, tadaaaah!!!, as if on cue, rain fell. We got some rain to spice up the ride for all of us. 
The first two lines were 320m and 150m cable line zip down a lower part of the Mt. Katinglad Range. The rain did more than soaked us, it also added up to the excitement factor for all of us.

Ziplining the 840m cable in superman position was a total adrenaline rush! It was indeed a long ride because I was entertaining funny thoughts in my head halfway through it. LOL! With rain beating down on your face, it was hard to scream and keep your eyes open. I had to stop screaming to wipe rain water off my face along the line. LOL! Total panira ng (spoiler of the) moment.

 As if that adrenaline rush was not enough, I got to pair up with my cousin Dave for the Astral Zorbit Ride. It is an inflated hollow ball that straps in the passenger at the inner sides of the ball at the knees, waists, arms and you get to hold on to a hand handle.

It lasted a good few seconds, with us secured inside the ball as it rolls around the Zorbit path downwards. Talk about hamster’s life for a few seconds! LOL!

Good thing Dave and I had strong stomachs to hold on to our gastric contents. We just screamed out till our vocal chords could take it.

Rain did not stop us from having fun at Dahilayan Adventure Park, it’s just a matter of mind over matter. In this case, we dared not let rain drench our spirits down. Cheers to a fun-filled Dahilayan Adventure!

+ Wear appropriate clothing. Manolo Fortich is known to be the Baguio in Mindanao as it gets really cold. Bring jackets or sweaters, and extra clothing if rain soaks you.
+ They actually allow camera’s during your zipline rides at the passengers request, make sure you get to strap it on tightly and hold on to it firmly. Should it rain, it’s best to carry a waterproof camera.
+ Enjoy the ride/s and have fun! It’s not everyday you get to scream at the top of your lungs and people are okay and encourages it. So take advantage!

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