Popping ear sounds and drop in environmental temperature tells me, I am back to the familiar terrain of Bukidnon. This time we took the other path from the forked road at the rotanda to lead us to Manalo Fortich.
Manolo Fortich is 40km from Cagayan de Oro, where the popular tourist adventure destination is located, the Dahilayan Adventure Park.

The national park is 4,700 ft. above sea level and is endless bounty of nature and adventure fitted as one. It has the longest dual zipline in Asia (to date), and offers other adventure activities such as ATV, Zorbit, and Tree Top Adventure. They also have restaurant, cafe, picnic areas, and a forest park that is fitting to any age group, and gathering.

The PineGroove Mountain Lodge and Restaurant sit atop of a hill with ceiling high windows for a view of the Pine Tree tops.

 The facilities are well kept, with cottages for a meal outdoors and a view you’d wished to not forget.

Entering the Forest Park is a welcome greeting from an life-sized Indian Chieftain figure. Inside the forest park are tons of life-like figures of Indians, animals, and a playground fit for the young and young at hearts.
Imagine our excitement finding these life like figures to our merry making. 
My brother and cousins were at their element. Trying out everything in the park like some kid finding a new playground to themselves.

Ofcourse. These are guys, and I can hardly keep up with them. Into physical activities, they tried out the play rides! We didn’t know if there was any age restrictions for it. They did like any other kid would do. Play hard and crazy.
The sky was grey and sad when we got there. The air added to the chills we got with us not dressed up for it. But still the beautiful Forest Park Cafe was a stand out. I just love it’s dark wood structure jutting out from the greens, with the pine tress framing it at the sides.
Some nooks gave a private garden appeal for overnight stays on the suites of the park. 
With the little light we had, and the fogged and grey backgrounds, this place still held a serene and homey feel to it. Makes you wanna get curled up in blankets with a hot choco drink and a good book.

+ Wear appropriate clothing, the weather changes drastically over this region to a bearable light rain shower. But the biting cold might get to you.
+  Bring your kids, family and/or your friends with a kid at heart with you. 
…They will love the place and you will love looking at them running around — LITERALLY! LOL
+ You must try Ian’s nuts!!!! Literally!
… *grins* Ian’s Nuts: Guyana Chestnuts comes in peeled and unpeeled packs. Get the unpeeled pack, it’s always fun to peel nuts with all the talking and stuff. The taste is fairly like any chestnuts, a little less nutty and a hint of sweetness to it. I tried looking for it in my hometown Pasalubong shop but could not find one. Best you get some there for home.
+  Bring umbrellas with you, for some surprise rain showers in the afternoon.
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There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
 There are seven million.” ~Walt Streightiff