I guess in marriage, they call it the “Honeymoon Stage”. Everything about you and the relationship is sugar-coated and going well — under plan or on spontaneous instances, and then totally morphs on a different direction.
I had a blissful first 3months with and as Pinay Travelista. And then, I got burnt out. Literally. Figuratively. Burnt out. If you have been one of the few who visited Pinay Travelista often, you might have noticed the total lack of post for the whole September. September was not for me. Somehow, the magic in me to be that Pinay Travelista was gone and it didn’t matter if it did.

Sigh. Somehow, someone had stolen my magic.

The month passed was never boring. I had a few trips and adventures here and there. I have folders full of photos to check out. A couple of people waiting for our experiences shared in Pinay Trav’s angle. Met interesting people and blogging personalities along the way. 
I lost the drive. I lost the blogging bug. I lost the Pinay Travelista in me.
Pinay Travelista is not just about the travel, that’s just half of it. I forgot to remind myself that the other half is about me. About how I see and share my perception, and how to inject a little of me in Pinay Trav. I don’t want to be all structured up, because travel blogging is never an angled cube but a kaleidoscope.

It is, after all, the travel, the blogger, the blog, and then — the travel blog.

I asked someone, where can I get inspiration? Maglalakad lakad ako kung mapupulot ko un sa daan, I said. And then I stumbled upon this video at Pinoy Travel Bloggers Bagets group, share by Doi of The Travelling Feet.

The song was sweet but the effect with how an exchange student depicted Philippines gave me goosebumps coupled with chills. I need to remind myself that travel blogging as Pinay Travelista is a freedom blog of how awesome my trips in life are and how blessed I am to see the world as I do — and be able to share them.

Who stole my magic? — maybe it wasn’t stolen at all, I just forgot where I placed it.
Where can I get inspiration? — from the little simple wonders that God humbles me with.

A li’l bit of me knows I’ll go far…. and this video –kinda– reminded the li’l bit of me who forgot that feeling. Hope you’ll like it enough to love it and that somehow it may inspire you too..^^