Travelling on the Sayre Highway at Musuan, Maramag Bukidnon, we passed by a pasture of green with little black dots on them — at the Philippine Carabao Center at Central Mindanao University.

From afar I could not make out what the black dots with bobbling heads as they munch on grasses were until we drove nearer to this carabao milk stop by the road.

The Philippine Carabao Center was established to provide compensated income, help people acquire better nutrition, and to improve well in the family in 1993. 

Rest assured that the gatas ng kalabaw (carabao’s milk) sold in this stop shop is safe, refreshing, nutritious, and sold at a very low cost. I don’t usually get crazy over milk products on trips, my tummy is a bit sensitive to such — both milk products and on food preparation BUT the Choco Milk is a favorite!

Bought one that was super frozen and it took me awhile to finish it, LOL, but the kid in me love playing with iced choco drink on the road. They also have Fresh Milk, Pastillas de Leche, and assorted flavored Yogurt that you may love. What convinced me to buy what seeing the clean infrastructure and organize milk center they had.

The PCC at CMU is kinda like a Carabao’s Milk Drive-thru. Cute right? LOL. But really, you won’t miss it to your right at 15mins. by the road from Valencia Bukidnon to the CMU Main Campus.

* Stop by the PCC ofcourse.
* Take at least a bottle or two of the Choco Milk when you stop by and some Pastillas de leche for home. When travelling, take with you a bit of something the locals made or did. That way, you get to help the locals earn in the little way that you could. And oh! The famous Musuan Peak is located at the back of the center (last photo collage), don’t forget to take pictures of it.

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