#ExperienceIligan | Waterfalling Adventure Tour 3.0
Limunsudan Falls, Iligan City
May 2014

I decided to take sunshine with me on our second day of WAT 3.0  – well, uhm, just because. I packed Zem Gear for the 15 minute trek because I don’t want to ruin my flats from HalFootwear. We had to get off the truck, and walk on the bridge, and had to watch it make a stream crossing on submerged bridge because the one we were standing on may not be able to hold the truck’s weight. And yes, there I was, a girl must wear, what a girl must wear (whatever that means). The weather was not as sunny as my shoes were. Around lunch, the skies went dark grey, and we hurried back to the city proper just in time the rain fell. Ofcourse, we were all drenched in rain at some point, but having visited Limunsudan Falls made it all worth it.