Planning for a Vietnam trip had me land on Withlocals that offers authentic experience for travelers through local hosts. Quickly I read through how booking a date would get me to share a meal with local hosts, and get to interact with people who are total strangers to me but definitely would be looking forward for my visit. Wouldn’t itf be nice if visitors, and tourist would get authentic local experience during their stay in the Philippines?

WITHLOCALS App | Connecting People & Culture

“There’s no better way to get a taste of a country than by enjoying its cuisine, and no better way to understand a culture than by getting to really know its people.” Taste your way around the world. You get to taste a real taste of the local cuisine, and get to know more of the culture by dining with local family in their home. And a good conversation will always turn up with eager locals wanting to share their stories as well.  


WITHLOCALS App | Connecting People & Culture

“Withlocals tour guides will give you their insights and share their local knowledge with you, giving you an experience you’ll never forget.” Because there’s no other better tour guide than a local. Some of the great secret escapes are as simple as knowing the back alleys to the market only a local would know.

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WITHLOCALS App | Connecting People & Culture

“Learn new skills and dive deep into the culture of the place you’re visiting by teaming up with a local person who’s passionate about sharing their skills with you.” And when you want more than just travel destinations, and gastronomic adventures, you can also check out the activities offered at Withlocals. One gets to learn a skill, or two, or just get to know more of country your visiting, and it’s people.

What got me excited is hearing the news that they are (finally!) offering their services in the Philippines! Withlocals is a travel service that bring travelers, and locals together for food, travel destinations, and for activities that you might fancy experiencing. So if you’re planning your trip to the Philippines, or planning a South East Asia trip, and you want to book ahead with your authentic local dining experience, tours, and activities; or you’re a Filipino, and wants to host travelers yourself  – you might want to check out and you can also download the Withlocals App here.