Traveling is always glamorous in perspective but the mental, and physical stresses we get out of it is sometimes overlooked when we have eyes set out for our work. Here are tips to stay on top of your game when you travel for work.

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Create a Packing List for All Your Travels

Create a basic packing list that has certain things you might need on every trip. Make it a universal or general list of items (e.g. shirts, skirts, dress, pants, shoes). Ofcourse, the types of clothing under those items may change each time depending on the weather or place your visiting but the list stays the same. If you’re like me, you probably already have a travel app to help you with your packing list, or a packing list template to print whenever you have a trip coming up. This will come in handy when you have several trips lined up for the month, and only a few days at home in between.

Smart Outfit Choices

Choosing outfits can be time consuming. Specially if you’re the type who’s particular with your outfit. Choose one neutral shade that you can use as a base and one or two bright colors for clothing choices. This applies to casual clothes, dresses, outer pieces and even workout clothes. That way if you choose to mix and match your clothing during the trip you can easily match the pieces you brought with you. It will also save you the headache of choosing choice of make-up, and accessories to bring.

Make The Most Out Of Transit Time

Plan out how you want to use airport and any layover time that you may have. When you to travel for work take calls and catch up on emails while waiting to board your flight, or spend in-flight time listening to podcasts, finishing a  book, or going over your presentation if you have to. I try to read/listen to one book per week, so if I have idle time at the airport, I don’t end up scrolling through social media. Just make sure to charge your gadgets and download whatever you may need for your trip beforehand.

Adjust To Time Zones Quickly

If you’re flying west to east, book a red-eye so you can sleep on the plane and arrive in the morning. Take melatonin, drink chamomile tea, skip the in-flight dinner and go straight to sleep. This will definitely help you relax, and get into your night time comfort in no time. When you arrive, immediately start adjusting to the new time zone by pushing yourself to stay awake even if that means drinking move coffee than you usually would.

Stay Hydrated & Keep Your Circulation Moving

Wash your face and use a light but deep moisturizer before your flight. It will keep you hydrated, and will help your skin stay supple. Avoiding salty airplane snacks and try drinking one whole bottle of water every hour on days you fly. You can also skip the makeup, which clogs your pores, and wash your face as soon as you get off the plane—all that circulated, stale air will make you break out.  To keep your blood flowing, try walking around the airport, and do leg exercises on the plane to help circulation and prevent you from getting stiff.

Business trips can be difficult, having to think about work at the same time make sure that the stress of travel does not affect us and work performance. When we are on top of our game having to travel for work can be less stressful.

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