Metro Manila can be daunting and overwhelming for any who is new or visiting this busy metropolitan. It can be a challenge to go around Metro Manila – not only do you have deal with the complex commute to go from one city to another but also consider the quickest route to get to your destination. Here are the top useful transport mobile apps must-haves when visiting and navigating the streets of Metro Manila.

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Navigation & Transport Apps Must-Haves When in Metro Manila


Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by digital giant, Google. It offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets. Not only does it gives you different set of maps but it can also show real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle and air, or public transportation. This is best to use if you’re traveling with your own private vehicle or you can check the traffic conditions if you’re commuting via jeepney, taxi, or Grab.


Waze is a GPS navigation software mobile app that provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details. You can use this if you’re driving your own private vehicle or you can check the traffic conditions or suggest another route if you’re commuting via taxi, or Grab. It is used by popular ride-hailing app like Grab to help their drivers navigate unfamiliar roads.

SAKAY.PH is your commuting lifesaver when in the Metro Manila. They provide provide the accurate and efficient directions around Metro Manila along with what type of public utility transport (jeepney, bus, train) to take, the fare rate, and mapped out routes for you take choose from. It gives you several route option and will also calculate travel time depending on when you’re planning to travel or commute. If you want to skip taking the taxi or Grab, is the best option to use.


This popular ride-hailing app is best for people who wants door-to-door transportation. The registered drivers and their vehicles are screened and expected to maintain a star rating above a set minimum. You can choose whether you want to carpool, or an exclusive ride, and they have other transport services as well.


Angkas is a motorcycle transportation service. It is cheaper than a taxi and Grab. Since you travel with a motorcycle, this allows a more faster commute especially in high-traffic areas with the motorcycle driver able to navigate tight space in between vehicles.


Hype is much like Grab, it is a ride-hailing app that picks and drop off passengers from door to door. Hype will allow you to choose what kind of vehicle you prefer to take from taxi to pool or sedan, AUV, or even SUV depending on your budget.

Exploring and navigating Metro Manila is one less worry when you come prepared and you have these helpful apps on your mobile phone to help you get to places.

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